Welcome to the Creative Cafe´!

Walk in to our studio at Gateway Mall and enjoy some creative time together! When you enter our Creative Cafe´ space, you will have the opportunity to make a difference with our latest ArtReach Project: The May Flower Project.

The month of May reminds us that there are so many important things that can be celebrated with flowers.

  • We are reminded that mothers are important.
  • We are reminded that graduations mark new journeys in life.
  • We are reminded that our country is made great by those who have served and sacrificed.

At The ArtReach Project, we want to give you the opportunity to make a difference by creating the most beautiful flowers to be given away with love. We will show you a technique that uses simple materials, your imagination and a surprise special ingredient!

Make as many as you want to make for free and simply pay for the ones you want to keep. As we build up a collection, we will deliver them to places throughout the community where they are sure to bring a smile and brighten someone's day.

In the end, we'd like to have more flowers than we know what to do with.
In such an event, we will have a blast delivering them to pockets of people as acts of creative kindness.

Creative Cafe´ Hours:

  • Fridays 1-6pm
  • Saturdays 1-6pm
  • Sundays 1-6pm